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Binary Tree

[Solved] Find Lowest Common Ancestor in the Binary Tree

How to find and print the lowest common ancestor in the binary tree? Algorithm, complexity, example and program explained in Python, C/C++ and Java code.

Data Structure

8 P-NP Problem Interview Questions with Answers

What are the P-NP Problem Interview Questions with Answer? What are a deterministic machine, NP-Complete, and NP-hard problem?

Data Structure

Difference Between Stack and Queue in Data Structure

Want to solve complex program or placement? You should know the basic difference between stack and queue. What is pop, push, enqueue and dequeue in stack vs queue?

Binary Tree

Difference Between Min Heap and Max Heap in Data Structure

What is a heap in the data structure? Difference between min heap and max heap. Heapify algorithms, inserting and finding elements and other operations and heap usages.