16 Best IoT Skills for Developer Can Promise You a Job Success in 2021

16 Best IoT Skills for Developer Can Promise You a Job Success in 2021

16 Best IoT Skills for Developer Can Promise You a Job Success in 2021

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If you want to perceive your career in IoT (Internet of Things) field, you need to consume some special skills.

I remember when I was doing my master project- Home Automation using Arduino board. This is again an IoT project. That was the time when I was looking for the skills to accomplish my project and to help me grow in the same field.

I am listing some of the prominent IoT skills for the developer. You need to acquire these skills if you want to look at yourself as an IoT developer. And obviously, if you are fresher, improving these skills definitely will help you to get a job.

In layman terms, IoT deals with connecting different devices over the network and communication between those devices.

If you are an IoT aspirant developer,  you have to get your hands dirty with all the skills that require while connecting and communicating different devices. Technically, you need to learn more about different network protocols and device driver programming for communication.

If you are exhausted looking at the big list for learning, not to worry. Read this post completely. At the end of this post, I will share how you can start learning these IoT skills.

Let’s start by wrestling with the following IoT skills.

Required IoT Skills for Developer

 Here is a quick checklist of skills you need to acquire to become IoT developer.

  1. You should have working experience in developing the application. It includes acquiring the device data and dealing with the cloud platform.
  2. Go and get well versed in the communication and networking protocols such as Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi, DHCP Client/Server, TCP/IP and UDP. Understand the working of these protocols and their underlined architecture.
  3. You should grasp the ability to develop and debug application at the stack and hardware driver level.
  4. Software gateway forms the stack to communicate with different devices. Embrace Designing and implementing software gateways.
  5. Amazon AWS is the most used cloud service. Knowledge of AWS will be the advantage if you are looking for a job. Apart from your knowledge about the cloud, there are many certification programs to learn Amazon AWS.

Programming and Tools Requires for IoT Developer Job Profile

What are the Best Programming Languages for IoT Developer?

  1. C/C++ and Java programming are useful for communication, device driver and socket programming.
  2. Node Js is used for front-end development of your web application. There are many programming languages for front-end development. But, looking at today’s trend and future scope, Node Js is going to be the best choice among all other programming languages.
  3. Shell Scripting is useful if you want to write an automation script on the server-side.
  4. Python is a versatile programming language and you can use it for many purposes like developing a web application, communicating with the connected devices, socket, and network programming. You can do so much with Python.

If you are not sure which programming you should go first, I would say, start learning Python.

What are the Tools and Protocol used in IoT?

  1. Here are some list of protocols you should learn. Protocols: REST (REpresentational State Transfer), MQTT, CoAP, WebRTC, SNMP, BLE Based Communication
  2. You need to learn some of the electronics boards used in IoT like Rasberry Pi, Beagel Bone Black, TI CC3200, CC2650, STM32F4 Discovery Board, Arduino. If you are a novice, start with Arduino board.
  3. Operating System: Mac, Linux, Windows. Get used to with the networking and shell scripting commands for Linux operating system.
  4. There are multiple Database Technologies such as MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, etc. Choosing one of them is depends on your project requirement. If you are not sure about your project requirement, learn MySQL programming languages.

Project Management and Assisting Technologies for IoT Developer

If you have previous experience, you might be familiar with these technologies.

  1. As like any other software development field, you will be using code versioning tools such as Git, SVN. Git is the most popular and almost every company uses this for maintaining code versions. Learn Git.
  2. Understanding of Agile and Scrum development methodology.

These skills are basically for project management. Having experience using these tools will be an advantage.


How to Start Learning these IoT Skills and Technologies?

If you are a fresher, this list might look too big and gloomy. But, believe me, as you deep dive, you will start learning them gradually.

Looking for Job in IoT Field?

Once you find comfortable with these skills, check this effective job searching techniques to get yourself in the IoT field.

Learning IoT for Your Start-Up?

If you are working on your own startup, you don’t need to wait until you learn all these skills end-to-end. Start working on your product and parallelly you can improve those skills as per your project demands.

The speed at which IoT is growing, IoT will impact various other opportunities in different fields.

This is all about the IoT skills for the developer that you need to get yourself into the IoT job. If you have any point to add in this list or any query to ask, let’s start the discussion in the comment section.

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