[5 Differences] Mac vs PC Pros and Cons | Debate

[5 Differences] Mac vs PC Pros and Cons | Debate

[5 Differences] Mac vs PC Pros and Cons | Debate

No one can deny the fact that Mac and PC both have served us and have their own different attributes. If you evaluate the market, you find that both have a growing number of customers.

In this article, we are having a debate over Mac vs PC pros and cons in 2023.

The better way is to buy according to your requirement otherwise you will regret your decision. Enhancing your knowledge about Mac and PC is also a good thing in order to find what can work best for you.

This specific debate has influenced college campuses, workplaces, and social media channels. “On a lighter note”, this debate invites a huge flame war but we are about to wade into this war.

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So, here you go…

Mac vs PC Pros and Cons 2023 | Differences

This post is very informative for people who wish to know the precise comparative analysis of PC and Mac. Below is that analysis so you should take a look at it thoroughly.

1. Security

Mac– Normally, Macs have fewer security vulnerabilities and with that, they get few viruses compared to PCs. Hacking into a Mac is not an easy task as macOS always sends a notification when there is any new update thus Macs stay safe from any kind of hacking attempt.

PC– PCs have higher chances of being hacked hence customers have to run effective software in order to ensure the security of their PCs. It is also a fact that the majority of viruses are created for PCs, therefore, you need to be careful in this regard.

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2. Price

Mac– Macs are very much expensive compared to PCs and the edge that Macs have over PCs is their high-quality components that PCs fail to beat. It is also a fact that Macs are built well compared to PCs. It is also a fact that the majority of Mac buyers are from the elite class.

PC – PCs are not expensive and it is the reason why people with a confined budget buy PCs. They are cheaper when it comes to the customization of components of computers. If you talk about the accessories of PCs so they are also not expensive which makes any PC the first choice for the masses.

3. Drivers

Mac– You need to understand that Macs had an advantage as Apple is their single manufacturer hence it had to come up with a single set of drivers consequently.

PC– If you talk about PCs so they have various pre-built manufacturers and with that, they also have lots of interchangeable elements that need different drivers. You also find plug-and-play devices in Windows thus there is no need for installing drivers. If you find any issue with the driver, you can easily find a Windows troubleshooting guide online.

4. Gaming

Mac– You find huge interest in companies making computer games for Macs but in this regard, Mac has not succeeded to beat the PC. It means that the gaming experience on PCs is much better.

PC– You need to know that Windows has 90% of the market share and it is the reason why developers tend to make games for PCs. As you can customize PCs so it increases their chances more for running a computer game.

5. Repairing Costs

Mac– Apple is passionate about making its Macs very compact as well as sleek. Though it is good from Apple’s perspective when it comes to repairing Macs, it becomes difficult as you have to replace more than one part.

PC– The situation is different with PCs as you can get access to PCs any part by just removing its side panel. It is also important to know that the parts of Macs are very expensive compared to PC parts. It is also essential to know that the repairing costs of a PC do not put a huge burden on your pocket.

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Wrapping up | Mac vs PC…

This is all about Mac vs PC Pros and Cons 2023.

There are so many points to mention. I have listed 5 main points to clarify the difference between Mac and PC.

If you have any doubts or if you think we should consider any other point to list here, write your thought in the comment section. I would love to help you out choosing the best suitable workstation as per your needs.


  1. “It is also a fact that the majority of Macs’ buyers are from the elite class.” -This statement is so wrong it’s not even not right. Sigh… Please distinguish between facts and your personal macwashed opinions.

  2. I started with Windows 3.2 many years ago until I had the chance to use a Mac for a few days, and never again. To me what moved to the Mac side was the solid stability of the OS and marked the end of viruses and hacks on Windows, too many manufacturers on the same system, too many driver issues, too many corrupt .dll files, and forget about setting a home network for the family. One more detail that keeps ringing in my head, if PC is better, why do we have so many PC IT guys out there working as support?
    The final detail why I prefer Mac, UI is so much more refined. PC is better in certain areas, personal opinion.

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