Author: Peter Galan


Sudoku Solver in Python w/ Backtracking | Explained with Example

How to write sudoku solver in Python with and without backtracking (brute force)? Algorithm explained with example.

Neural Network

Experimenting Neural Networks from scratch in Python

[Complete code] Neural Networks in Python. Experimenting from the scratch. What is Neural network? How to implement it in Python?


[Tutorial] Control Systems Simulation in Python | Example

How to develop control systems simulation in Python? How to create simulation in Python? Example explained.


Event Handling in C#, Python and C | Example Explained

Event handling in C#, Python and Java. Event-drive application explained with examples.

Difference Between C and OOPs Languages (C++/C#/Python)

What is the difference between c and oops programming languages like C++, C# and Python? Object oriented programming with example.