Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn

3 main factors based on which these Top 5 programming languages you should consider for your learning.

  1. How long will it take for you to learn the programming language even though you are a beginner and start making projects?  If you are working in a startup your main concern is how fast you can build a project from scratch.
  2. How’s the job market of the programming language and salary insights?
  3. Overall productivity is- whether it will be useful for you; whether you will get a job as a developer or not; and whether as startups are you able to build projects at a faster rate with less workforce.

Here you go…

Top Programming Languages to Learn

(Going in reverse order. My top programming choice will be listed at the end of this blog post)

5. Java

Java Programming Tutorial

This is an object-oriented programming language.

Why Java?

  • The main reason for the popularity of Java because it is used to make Android apps and many trading companies have their backend as java.
  • Spring and Hibernate are the two extensively using java Frameworks to develop full-stack web applications in recent years.

For Android development, Java is declining in popularity and market due to Kotlin which is faster compared to it.

Salary of Java Developer:

Then also Java has a lot of jobs available and the average salary of a Java developer is 103 thousand dollars per year according to

Learn Java

Update: New version of Java has been released- New Features in Java 12

4. Swift

Swift is a programming language used to develop IOS apps.

Why Swift?

  • The main advantage is that they are used to build apps that can be put in the apple play store and you can earn a lot from that.
  • Swift is a beginner-friendly language and it is very easy to learn compared to other programming languages like java.

Earning Opportunity for iOS Developer:

It’s not gaining or losing its popularity as it is the only standard way to develop iOS apps.

The swift developer can freelance or there are lots of high-paid iOS developer jobs that are available in the market.

3. SQL

The structured Query language is one of the most popular programming languages. Many people may argue that this is not the popular programming language as NoSQL has come.

Why SQL?

  • SQL is the language of databases and 90% of companies are still using relational databases in one or the other applications.
  • Any popular website or app that we are using in our day to day life saves, updates and displays our information which is done with SQL.
  • In Indian market PHP and SQL forms, a deadly combo and lots of jobs are available as a backend developer.
  • If you want to become a backend developer or a full-stack developer, SQL is in your top of the list.
  • Read how SQL is different from NoSQL.

Salary Of SQL Developer:

The average salary of a SQL developer is 89 thousand Dollars according to This is a language that every software developer should know especially.

Learn SQL

2. Javascript

JavaScript is a language that governs the software development world.

Why JavaScript?

  • Every browser runs javascript and it is the most important language that everyone should learn to develop full-stack applications. If you follow full stack developer roadmap, you will come to know how JavaScript is so useful.
  • Nowadays Javascript also ruling the android world with the help of frameworks lime Ionic and React native.
  • There are tons of javascript frameworks that are evolving in Github at a faster rate.
  • Javascript is extensively used in frontend and backend development. Some of the popular frameworks of Javascript are React, Angular, Vue, and Node js.

If you are interested in Java, Vue JS is the best front-end framework to learn.

Salary of JavaScript Developer:

The average salary of a javascript developer is 113 thousand dollars a year according to in the United States.

1. Python

Python Programming

This is the most popular programming language according to the Google trends, PYPL(Popularity of Programming Language) index.

Google trends for Top Programming Languages

I keep Python at the top of my list. There are lots of reasons for putting Python as my favorite top programming language.

Why Python?

  • Python is a general-purpose programming language and can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Big companies using Python include Google, Youtube, Dropbox, Instagram and Reddit and many more.
  • With Python, you can do Web development, Android app development, Machine learning, Automation, Deep Learning, Data Science and what not.
  • Python has gained its popularity and importance due to Data Science as it is used extensively in applications like Self driving cars and robotics.
  • The most important advantage of Python is that it is the beginner-friendly language compared to all the programming language and develop real-world apps.

Learn Python

These are my picks for top programming languages to learn. What’s you take from this article? Let me know your choice for the best programming language in the comment.


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