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What is Array | Print Elements in Array (Traversing)

What is an array? How to print array in C/C++ programming using for, do-while loop? Write a code to traverse array. Explain with example.


Program to Check and Print All Perfect Numbers in the Given Range

What is perfect number and how to check it using in C++, Java, Python? Write a program to find and print all perfect numbers in the given range.


Dynamic Programming and Recursion | Difference, Advantages with Example

[Explained with Example] What is dynamic programming recursion? Difference between DP and recursion. Advantages and disadvantages.


6 Different Types of Recursion in C Explained with Programming Example

What are the different types of recursion in C language? What is direct and indirect recursion in data structure? Explain with program example.


Types of Function in C Programming Example | Call by Value vs Call by Reference

What are the different types of function in C/C++? What is the difference between call by value and call by reference? Explain with programming examples.


Difference Between do, do-while and for loop | Syntax and Coding Example

Explain while, do-while and for loop in C/C++ with programming examples and coding syntax. What is the difference between while, do-while and for loop in C?


9 Basic, Derived and User Defined Data Types in C Explained with Example

[Explained with example] What are the different basic, derived and user defined data types in C programming? What are the range of signed and unsigned int and char?


Nested Switch Statements in C Programming with Real-Life Examples

Nested switch statements in C programming explained with Real-life example code. What is syntax for nested switch statements c?


[Explained in Detail] if else nested Programming Example in C, Java and Python

Explain if else nested Programming Example in C, Java and Python. if else ladder statement and conditional branching in C.