Sight Machine Interview Questions for Data Architecture

Sight Machine Interview Questions for Data Architecture

About Sight Machine

Sight Mchine is a well-funded startup from Silicon Valley. It dwells into machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced data analytics.

One of the recruiting firms shortlisted my profile for this position. Here, I’m sharing sight machine interview questions and my experience with this.

There were multiple rounds and discuss happens over the call. Basically I’m from India. And they don’t have any team over here in India. They operate from Silicon Valley.  All the interviews were telephonic over the call.

They have some customers from India. Sight machine operates from Silicon Valley, they always have a problem interacting with the customers and understand their needs because of the different time zone. They wanted to hire data architecture from India so that he/she can represent the Sight Machine individual to interact with the clients in India.

They were looking for someone who has good experience working with Python, Git, and JSON and someone who can take responsibility for the complete development cycle.

Here are the interview questions I can recollect now.

Python and Git Interview Questions

This was the screening round of the recruitment firm before recommending my profile to the Sight Machine.

  • What is mutable and immutable in Python?
  • What is the difference between List and Tuple?
  • What’s the difference between Git pull and fetch?
    Answer: Git fetch command fetches all the latest changes from the remote repo. Git pull command do the two jobs- full the latest changes from the remote repo and merge those changes into the local repo.

You can find the answers to all these questions in the Python interview guide.

After cracking this interview, they set a couple of interviews with the US people.

Sight Machine Interview Questions for Data Architecture

Most of the questions were behavioral and structural.

  • They introduce themself. After that, they asked to tell about myself.
  • Tell me about your current job and your responsibility.
  • They will ask you to assume certain situations. And then they will ask how will you respond to these situations.
  • How’s your experience dealing with the client?
  • How do you manage the time or interact with the team members if they are sitting at different locations with different timezone?
    Answer: You can mention the different communication channels you use like Slack, WebEx, Zoom or telephonic call for a discussion with the team member residing in a different timezone.

The interviewers were very friendly and supportive. Because of different timezone, we had a conflict with the meeting time. But, interviewers and recruitment team were so supportive.

Be prepared for all the basic HR interview questions.

Finally, they ask me if I have any questions.

As this is the startup, you have to show your enthusiasm and interest in their business. So always prepare with some questions to ask.

Here are some questions I asked them.

  • I can see there are only a few employees working in India. Being part of the small team, representing work here, what are the growth opportunities for me and exposure?
  • What are the challenges currently the company is facing interacting with the clients resides in a different timezone?
  • Apart from technical skills, what are the other skills that will help me in this position so that I can contribute more towards the growth of this company?

They were so nice and happy to answer all my questions.

If you have any doubt or want to know something else, write your comment. All the best.

Editor’s Note: Thanks candidate for sharing Sight Machine interview questions and your experience. We wish you all the best for your future.

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