11 Best Gadgets that I Use for Coding | Essential Setup for Programmer

11 Best Gadgets that I Use for Coding | Essential Setup for Programmer

11 Best Gadgets that I Use for Coding | Essential Setup for Programmer

In the ever-evolving world of coding, having the right set of gadgets can significantly enhance your productivity and overall coding experience. As a blogger and programmer, I’ve spent countless hours refining my toolkit to ensure a seamless workflow.

It’s been more than a decade since I’ve been coding and blogging. I used numerous gadgets. Some I liked and some didn’t not. I’m only sharing the best gadgets that I used and find worthy.

My setup looks like…

csestack aniruddha setup

I have done research before purchasing each of these coding accessaries.

Let’s get deep dive into the list of the most essential gadgets and accessories that have become an integral part of my coding journey.

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High Performing laptop: Must Have Coding Hub

Undoubtedly you need a high-performance laptop for coding. Whether you’re a fan of Mac, Windows, or Linux, investing in a machine with sufficient RAM, a powerful processor, and ample storage is very important.

Earlier, I was using an HP laptop with a Linux subsystem for coding. Now I moved to the MacBook Air. I find the sleek design and reliability of MacBook Air to be the perfect companion for my coding endeavors. It is lightweight, powerful, and very portable to carry and work.

Gadget 1: Apple MacBook Air laptop

Monitor: Boosting Productivity

A monitor is a game-changer for multitasking work and increasing productivity. Usually, I code on one screen and keep Chat-GPT or a web browser open on the other screen. I observed the significant speed doing my work.

I use a Benq monitor. It comes with a crisp display and adjustable stand, allowing me to create the perfect coding environment. It is also budget-friendly as compared to other monitors with the same features.

Gadget 2: Benq GW2780 27 inch monitor

Noise-Canceling Headphones: Stay Away from Distraction

Creating a focused work environment is essential for coding success. Noise-canceling headphones, such as the renowned [Your Headphone Model], help me drown out background noise, enabling me to immerse myself in my code.

The wireless feature adds convenience, allowing me to move around without being tethered to my workstation.

It is also good for attending meetings. The voice is clear and cristal.

Gadget 3: OnePlus buds pro 2

It is a bit costly. If you have budget constraints, you can opt for

Gadget 4: Realme buds wireless 3

This earphone has a special feature. Even if you use this earphone without turning it on, you will not hear any noise coming from outside so you can focus and concentrate on your coding task.

Desk Setup: Tidy Space, Tidy Mind

Maintaining an organized workspace is essential for staying focused.

Gadget 5: Studio Kook computer table

Gadget 6: Ergonomic Green Soul chair

Green Soul is the best brand known for its Ergonomic chair. It is worth every penny.

Gadget 7: Wall mounted office foldable stand

I was having back pain due to prolonged sitting. This standing desk has been a relief for me.

If it’s your sitting job, you must have a standing desk to avoid any health issues due to prolonged sitting.

Gadget 9:  Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Stand

Gadget 10: Multipurpose Laptop Table

Gadget 11: Blue Yeti USB microphone

Consider this Gadget for recording only. I use it for recording coding tutorial for my CSEstack YouTube channel.

This is a very portable table. You can pull it anywhere and anytime and start working.

Final thoughts…

As a blogger and programmer, the gadgets I use are more than just tools—they’re an extension of my creativity and efficiency.

Keep in mind that, this is a one-time investment and it is well worth enhancing your coding experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, curating your own toolkit of essential gadgets can elevate your coding game to new heights.

Happy coding!

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