7 Benefits of Installing a Solar System in Your Home

7 Benefits of Installing a Solar System in Your Home

7 Benefits of Installing a Solar System in Your Home

Installing a solar system in your home can mean long-term financial and health benefits. While most people understand the health issues caused by using non-renewable fuel, very few of them have considered converting to green energy. Installing a solar system in your home will give you a consistent, reliable, and long-term source of energy. In time, you may not have to depend upon the city’s power grid for supply.

The major cause of concern for most people is the investment they’re expected to make in a solar system. While installing a solar system is not a simple task, the solar system is capable of paying for itself. Furthermore, the long-term benefits of installing a solar system in your home far outweigh the investment amount.

So, what are these benefits?

benefits of solar system for home

7 Benefits of Solar System for Home

1. Reduces your carbon footprint

Solar panels depend entirely on the sun’s energy to generate electricity. Therefore, they are capable of generating electricity without any emissions. Any water used to maintain the temperature of the unit can also be used in household appliances. Unlike generators, they don’t make any noise or produce harmful gases. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, installing solar panels can go a long way.

2. Reduces expenses

A solar system can cover part or full of your monthly electricity bill. Depending upon the solar panel you install, you may see a great reduction in your electricity bill. Over time, these savings can overcome the initial investment in the solar system. On average, you can recover 100% of your initial investment in 5-10 years, depending entirely on the size of the solar system you install.

3. Increases your property’s value

It is no secret that governments of all countries are urging their citizens to install solar panels. When you install a solar system that can sufficiently support your household needs, your house becomes independent of the government’s supply. Solar systems can increase the market value of your property by as much as 4%.

4. Provides stable electricity

Most households are used to having power failures a few times in the year. This can last from anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours. With a solar system, you get a reliable source of energy that is independent of any factor. Since they will generate electricity every time the sun shines, you never have to worry about power failure.

5. Electricity access in remote locations

Solar panels are capable of generating enough electricity to power all household needs including fridge, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. If you install a lithium battery or a solar battery with your solar system, you can store any excess energy the solar panel generates. This energy can then be used to power your household through the night. Therefore, homes in rural or remote locations without access to the city’s power grid can gain access to electricity.

6. Requires low maintenance

The cost of maintenance is one of the deciding factors for most households. Thankfully, solar systems require almost no maintenance. Most solar systems come with at least a 3-year warranty and additional servicing packages. You can monitor your system’s performance using the data logger provided. You won’t need to call for maintenance until you notice the performance of your unit going down.

7. Suitability for Indian climate

India is one of the few countries that have over 300 days of sunlight and over 250 days of clear skies. When this energy falls on a rooftop, it does nothing more than increase the temperature of your home. However, installing a solar panel ensures you get the most out of these sunny days. Any sunlight available is converted and used in your home, thereby saving it from going to waste.

8. Government support [Bonus]

The Indian Government provides up to 40% subsidy for installing and maintaining a solar system in your home. This financial support is currently provided to only Indian residences and not industrial and commercial buildings. Furthermore, installing a solar system in your home may also make you eligible for a tax deduction.


These are the eight major benefits of solar system for home. These systems can easily last up to 25 years and don’t need to be replaced unless they are completely damaged. Installing solar panels in your home does not require a lot of space. Since these solar panels are either square or rectangular units and can be mounted, they can be installed on any rooftop. With proper planning and implementation, you can get a solar panel installed in your home in no time!

Editors’ Note: This article is shared by Snigdha Phatak.


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