Author: Om Tayade

bit manipulation

Divide and Multiply a number by Two using Bitwise Operator (Without ‘*’, ‘/’)

Write a C/C++ program to divide or multiply a number by two using bitwise operator? Solve it without ‘/’ and ‘*’.


C++ Program to Find the nth Bit of Number (Bit Masking)

Write a program to find the nth bit of number? Check if the ith bit is set or not using bit masking.

C++ Program to Count the Number of Set Bits in a Number

Write a C/C++ program to count the number of set bits. Find total set bits.

bit manipulation

C++ Program to Check Odd or Even Number without using Modulo

Write a C++ Program to check odd or even number without using modulo operator. Use logical AND operator to find out odd and even number.

coding challenge

[Solved] Find Lexicographically Smallest and Largest Substring

How to find the lexicographically smallest and largest substring? Write a program to sort the sub-strings in lexicographical order in Java and Python.

coding challenge

Maximum Sum of Hourglass in Matrix | Solved in Java, Python

[Python/Java Program] Write a program to find the maximum sum of hourglass in matrix. How to find the sum of hourglass in matrix?


[6 Steps] Build Your First Calculator App in Android Studio

How to install Android Studio and build first android app? Simple calculator in android studio source code in linear layout.