Author: Heena Rajpal

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6 Phases of Compiler Explained in Detail with Example

What are the different phases of compiler with example? What is the role of each phase of the compiler? Explained in detail. Let’s see one-by-one.


What to Study in Computer Science Subjects?

How does it sound if we figure out what to Study in Computer Science? We cannot master all of them.

IP address

5 Different Classes of IP Address Explained with Examples, Range, Uses

What are the different classes of IP address? What are the range of classes A, B, C, D, E? Use of each layer explained in detail with examples and ranges.

Computer Network

2 Famous Internet Traffic Shaping Algorithms to Prevent Congestion

What are internet traffic shaping algorithms? Explain the congestion problem using Leaky Bucket and Token Bucket algorithms in a computer network.


5 Top Programming Languages to Learn with Recommended Books

Lets discussed 5 top programming languages that are widely used and gives best option to build the career in software industry.


Java Program using Interface | Important Points

Explained in detail with the example for Java Program using Interface. What is Interfaces in Java? Type of Functions defined within Java Interface?


13 Best Aptitude Test Preparation Tips to Crack your Placement

Aptitude test is the most basic round that you will face during most of your placements. Here is best tips for aptitude test preparation.


Big Data Growth Mind-blowing Fact | Why is Everyone talking about it?

What is the reason behind Big Data Growth fact? According to the research, what are the terms that define the big data revolution?


DIKW Pyramid Model | Difference Between Data Information & knowledge

What is the DIKW Pyramid Model? Difference between Data Information knowledge and wisdom for data analytics, data science and big data.