Mastering Python For Data Science [Complete Course]

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Python for data science

This course is meant to educate and master Python skills for Data Science.

This course will take you through the basics of Python, data analysis, data visualization for Data Science. We will be exploring Python libraries used in Data Analytics along with the different types of real datasets. This course will be more focused on practical demonstrations of real data science.

At the end of this course, along with mastering Python, you will learn to prepare data for analysis, performing statistical analysis, creating meaningful data visualizations, predicting future trends from data, and more!

[fenomen_title title=”Course Outline”]

Module 0: Warming Up

  • Course Outline Discussion
  • Importance of Data Science with Real Example
  • Why Python for Data Science?

Module 1: Python Basics

  • Different Python Version
  • Python Installation and Setup
  • Editors and IDE
  • Variables and Data Types
  • String Operations
  • Python Data Structures (Lists and Tuples Sets Dictionaries)
  • Conditions and Branching
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Objects and Classes
  • Installing and Importing Python Libraries
  • Working with Data in Python
  • File Handling- Reading and Writing File
  • Jupyter Setup (Notebook- mostly used for Data Science)

  • Online Test and Discussion

Module 2: Exploring Python for Data Science

  • Essential Python Libraries for Data Science
  • Numpy Tutorial
  • Pandas Tutorial
  • Dealing with Numpy arrays and Pandas Dataframe

  • Online Test and Discussion

Module 3: Data Analytics with Python

  • Data Wrangling
  • Preprocessing Data
  • Dealing with the Missing Values
  • Data Formatting
  • Data Normalization
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Grouping multiple data variables
  • Evaluating Correlation

  • Online Test and Discussion

Module 4: Data Visualization with Python

  • Exploring Python Libraries for Data Visualization
  • Different Data Visualization Graph
  • Plotting Graphs using Matplotlib

  • Online Test and Discussion

Module 5: Real time Project Demo dealing with different Datasets

  • Analysing Real Datasets
  • Putting Data Analytics and Data Visualization together

  • Online Test and Discussion

Module 6: Web Scrapping

  • How to scrap the internet website data?
  • Understanding HTML tags
  • Parsing data.
  • Make data visualization.
  • Making a simple web application to demonstrate your result
  • Live demo – to find the best restaurant in Bangalore

  • Online Test and Discussion

Bonus Session: Master Tips for Building career with Data Science

  • Making Online Portfolio
  • Putting Your Project Online
  • Growing Your Data Science Network
  • Resume Building
[fenomen_title title=”Perk of the Course”]
  • You will get Complete Python eBook for reference.
  • All the Learning and Coding Resources will be shared.
  • Lifetime support for any query regarding the topics covered in this sessions.