Aniruddha Chaudhari

Aniruddha Chaudhari
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7+ Years of IT experience in end-to-end Software Development Lifecycle model from Requirements Gathering, Feasibility Analysis, Design, Development until Deployment…

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What other says...

Aniruddha is so kind to help & encourage readers to reach their Goal

aditya mundhala

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks in especial Aniruddha highlighting key notes from my personal experience.

As we all know and experience, we do have many sources for knowledge already available, Important is what to do if we get stuck in between?

Aniruddha is so kind as to help us even at small step giving solutions as well as Encouraging the reader to reach his/her Goal.

Aditya Mundhada
Senior Risk Analyst (Trading Assistant) at CRISIL Irevna UK

Maintain such a Close Relationship with Reader

amey kamat

I am happy to see how you as a blogger maintain such a close relationship with reader. I really found your work invaluable, in which what I offered is just a tiny bit. Kudos!

Amey Kamat
Computer Science Professional, Barclays

Very Good Platform for Python

Madhumaya Kar

CSEstack is a very good platform I found while searching material for python. Basically, Aniruddha’s support to revert back without failure is something which is damn unique.

Content-wise also you covered all aspect without making the topic boring or one can feel its cant been done by going through it.

Madhumaya Kar
Senior Software Engineer at Mavenir


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